With elevated tees and holes amidst dramatic boulders, SaddleBrooke Two's MountainView Golf Course presents an enjoyable challenge to novices as well as avid golfers, offering a variety of challenging holes, perfectly manicured fairways and majestic mountain views. Winding through the beautiful canyons and foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains, The Preserve Golf Club 18-hole Championship Course gives you the feeling that you’re literally on top of the world. Drop by your home course, where the golf staff greets you by name, and enjoy a day with friends on the links!  



SaddleBrooke TWO Golf Courses

Mountain View golf

Mountain View
Golf Club

38691 S Mountain View Blvd
SaddleBrooke, AZ
(520) 818-1100


ForeTees Reservation System

Preserve golf

The Preserve
Golf Club

66567 East Catalina Hills Drive
SaddleBrooke, AZ
(520) 825-9022


ForeTees Reservation System




Golf Clubs


Golf Course Walking Rules

Effective June 1, 2018

During Non-Golfing Hours:
Residents should check with the Golf Pro Shop for walking hours.
Residents must obey posted walking hours, posted signs and any instructions from authorized personnel.
During posted walking hours, golf carts, walking or jogging are allowed only on the cart paths.
Residents using the golf courses must present their Membership Card whenever requested by authorized personnel.
It is the responsibility of the resident using the cart paths for walking or other approved activities to be aware of their surroundings and their personal safety.
The resident must yield to the golf staff as they perform their daily maintenance duties.
No pets are allowed on any area of the golf courses at any time.
Violations of any of the above may include, but are not limited to, suspension of membership privileges and/or monetary fines.

Rules and Regulations



MountainView Collegiate Women's Golf Tournament

2021 Tournament Results


First Place
Oklahoma State • Par: -20 • Total Score: 844

Second Place
Texas State • Par: -18 • Total Score: 846

Third Place
Houston • Par: -15 • Total Score: 849


First Place
Maja Stark • Team: Oklahoma State • Par: -11 • Total Score: 205

Second Place
Zoe Slaughter • Team: Houston • Par: -8 • Total Score: 208

Third Place
Karen Fredgaard • Team: Houston • Par: -7 • Total Score: 209