Saddlebrooke Governance

Saddlebrooke Governance

How The Homeowners' Association Operates

SaddleBrooke Homeowners' Association 2 (SBHOA2) is governed by a Board of Directors (BOD). Its operations are managed by a General Manager who reports directly to the BOD. The individual department heads report to the General Manager.

The SBHOA2 has seven directors, all elected by the SBHOA2 homeowners. The seven elected homeowners serve staggered two-year terms. Each January the board members internally select who will hold the offices of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, and two Directors.

The BOD has ultimate responsibility for the ongoing financial health of the Association. The Strategic Plan sets forth guidelines for short-term and long-range planning to contain costs and set aside funds for future repairs and maintenance to roads and facilities. The primary objective of the SBHOA2 BOD is to ensure the SaddleBrooke lifestyle continues to flourish.

The BOD oversees three major facilities, MountainView, DesertView, and The Preserve including three restaurants, two golf courses, a theater, swimming pools, pickleball courts, tennis courts, and other recreational facilities. The operations staff is responsible for keeping the numerous activities of the SBHOA2 running. They plan and operate events, and maintain all amenities, golf courses, and common areas. They schedule and maintain the facilities for the 200+ clubs and hobby groups in SBHOA2. Staff members also operate the SBHOA2 Patrol.

The BOD ensures the governance of the CC&Rs, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations, and the board-assigned committees. They approve appropriate changes to reflect homeowner needs, interests, and legislative actions. The BOD also becomes involved if a homeowner appeals a decision or ruling made by one of its advisory committees, although this is an infrequent occurrence. The BOD approves charters and memberships for its Standing Committees of homeowner volunteers who advise the BOD on the host of activities important to SBHOA2 and its members.

The Villas (Units 35, 35A, and 50) are part of SBHOA2; however, they have a separate five-member BOD that governs their responsibilities. Villa homeowners pay the SBHOA2 annual dues plus they pay Villa monthly dues that primarily cover the maintenance of their landscaping and the exteriors of the Villas. They have a contracted management company to manage their affairs.

SBHOA2 transitioned from The Developer (Robson Communities, Inc.) on January 1, 2018, and is now in sole control of its governance and operations. As of May 2024, there are 3,184 homes sold or under construction in SBHOA2 with approximately 108 lots left to build or close.

To be the premier active adult community of choice in Southern Arizona.

SaddleBrooke TWO offers an outstanding active adult lifestyle to our homeowners and guests
by combining our majestic natural desert and mountain landscapes with a broad
variety of amenities and activities, well-maintained facilities, and quality services.

Updated May 2024