Safety & Patrol





The Patrol Department provides SaddleBrooke TWO homeowners and renters with 24/7, year-round, responsive and friendly community service. Patrol Officers assure the security and safety of all HOA2 Facilities, as well as promoting adherence to HOA2 Rules, CC&Rs and ALC Guidelines.

In the month of January 2017, Patrol Department implemented a computerized secure database system in all their patrol vehicles. The system allows on-duty officers to make real-time reporting of activities, eliminating all paper and binders in each truck. It also greatly reduces the opportunities for reporting errors. The system has many applications that an officer can choose from as required. Applications include: officer daily log, pass-down notes, bi-weekly reports, R/V and overnight parking records, incident logs and reports, gas records, 911 phone system checks, facility alarming activities, and more. In addition, the system provides Patrol Management with extensive real-time review of patrol officer activities. It also supports numerous reporting options that can be selectively initiated by Management. Using the daily data collected by this system, the Patrol Department publishes a monthly report on all HOA2 Patrol activities in For The Record - a publication distributed to all residents of our community.