Susan Fuller

Personal Trainer

Susan Moss Fuller

Susan Moss Fuller is a swimmer at heart and believes that learning to swim is not an option. Whether it is learning to swim for safety or for fitness, the ability to swim saves lives. She is passionate about motivating people and setting people up for SUCCESS. She has over 46 years of competitive swimming experience with over 20 years of competitive swim coaching, swim lesson instruction and safety survival water instruction. Susan is in the business of facilitating healthy, cooperative relationships that are designed to empower individuals and groups with whom she works.

Susan's extensive knowledge and skill set enables her to work with swimmers of all ages and skill levels, from the fearful non-swimmer to the college athlete. In addition, Susan's academic background provides extensive knowledge in biology, nutrition, chemistry, pharmacology, anatomy and physiology.

Susan's Mission/Culture: Pursue excellence in and out of the water. Hard work is fun. Respect yourself and others. Behave and think with integrity. Focus on quality and consistency. Swim smart then swim fast. Swimming is an art form. Be one with the water.

Education and Certifications:

  • Bachelor of Science, Horticulture, 1997
  • Bachelor of Science, Dental Hygiene, 2007
  • USA Coaches Certification, 1997
  • ARC:  Lifeguard, WSI, CPR, First Aid, AED, 1997
  • Certified Aquatic Manager, 2002
  • Certified Pool & Spa Operator, 2014
  • American Swimming Coaches Association, 2015

Susan and her husband David live in SaddleBrooke Two and enjoy the Sonoran desert lifestyle. Susan lives a simple, organic lifestyle and believes that whole natural food is medicine. Today's living is bombarded with toxins, man-made chemical additives, nutritionally depleted foods and pharmaceutical drugs. Keep it simple; keep it clean, keep moving and SMILE